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Basketball Tournament

The history of basketball dates back more than a century – first it was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a simple Canadian physical education professor who lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, as a way to entertain his students during a long and harsh winter. Since then it has become the second main sport in the world after football. Nowadays it’s popular not only in the United States, but in various different countries, including Spain, France, Argentina, Turkey and China.

Great Choice of Events to Bet on

These days basketball has the highest number of professional leagues after football and is still showing great growth rates. Naturally the biggest league is still NBA, which has the highest level of competition and media presence. But professional basketball isn’t limited to NBA – national leagues are developing fast in Spain, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, China, and many other countries. Also, don’t forget about big international tournaments, such as FIBA Basketball World Cup, FIBA EuroBasket and others. It is also played at the Summer Olympics.

Popular Basketball Betting Markets

GG.Bet stands out among other bookmakers thanks to a wide selection of basketball betting lines available for pre-match and live wagering. Among supported outcomes there are standard bets as well as Prop wagers.

Standard markets may be an option for our users who do not want to take a risk. It is also a handy way for those who have only recently opened the sports betting world. In turn, Props require a deep understanding of basketball rules, teams’ performance, and the roles of each player.

Scroll down to learn more about the most popular markets available for basketball betting on our sportsbook and pick the one that meets your needs.

Moneylines Bets (1x2)

This is a straightforward bet, where you have three options to choose from. There may be a home team that will win, a home team that will lose, or there will be a draw by the end of the game. For example, you are interested in the Asia Cup Qualification event. You may explore the list of games, pick the Indonesia vs Australia match, and wager on the latter to win.


This is a little bit more complicated wager when a bookmaker gives a handicap to the potential favourite that the team must cover. Only after meeting these conditions, the bet can be paid out. So, a handicap shows the chance of either winning a wager. For example, you are interested in a game between South Florida (+2) and Southern Methodist Mustangs (-2). In this case, the favoured team must win by 2 points or more to win.


If you bet on basketball online using O/U, you can predict the overall number of points that will be by the end of the game. While wagering, bettors consider a predetermined value set by our bookmaker. For example, if a game between Rieti and Orzinuovi has a 220 O/U betting line, you may predict whether the final number of points will be over or under this value.


If you know about Spread, then Handicap would be an easy option for you. Here, a bookmaker credits a virtual deficit to a particular tweak that it must overcome so the bet can be paid out. Often, in basketball, teams have different abilities, so this wager helps level the difference.

For example, SP Basket is given a +7.5 point handicap, and SKB Zlin has a -7.5 point handicap. If SKB Zlin wins the match 102-98, wagers on SKB Zlin handicap will lose because. The reason is that with the handicap, the final result would be in favour of SP Basket (94.5-98).

Quarters and Halftime Wagers

When you bet on basketball games, you may wager on specific quarters or halves. These are more advanced markets where you can predict specific outcomes within smaller time segments. For example, you may predict that in a game between the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers, the latter will win in the first quarter. Or, you may guess that the Cleveland Cavaliers will beat the opponents based on the overall number of points in the second half.

Tournament Winner

It is a simple bet where you predict the team that will be a winner within a particular tournament. For example, you may predict that Rutgers Scarlet Knights will beat the Maryland Terrapins in the NCAA Tournament.

NBA Betting and Odds

We offer cutting-edge betting on the NBA with the best odds. They are quickly refreshed, so you can make the most informed decision and have a big chance of winning. NBA is a professional league that unites 30 teams from North America.

On our bookmaker, you can benefit from games within two main conferences: Eastern and Western. Each of them comes with different divisions, including Atlantic, Pacific, Central, Western, and more. Before the postseason comes, each team plays 82 games. Finally, the eight best teams compete for the champion’s title. However, you can choose for basketball betting not only NBA matches. We offer multiple WNBA events as well.

How to Bet on NBA Games?

After you top up the balance and are ready to make a prediction, you need to stick to the following simple algorithm:

  • Choose among pre-match and live events.
  • Pick a particular game and explore the basketball betting odds. Do not neglect to check the section with statistics to get a big picture of the game.
  • Click on your favourite and choose the wager market you would like to use.
  • Specify the sum and click to place a bet.

If you are looking for the option to bet on the go, you may use a mobile version of our site. Simply log into your account using a mobile browser. For better stability, you may use a dedicated application for Android devices. You can download it directly on our site and install it in less than a minute!

NBA Betting Odds Explanation

GG.Bet offers different NBA betting odds formats you may choose from. For your convenience, you can select US, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay options. Here is an example of how this wager type works. Suppose you are interested in a game between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The total Points bet is set at 200. Thus, if you bet on over, it means both teams must score at least 201 points collectively. In turn, if you bet on under, teams must score a maximum of 199 points collectively so the wager is paid out.

NBA Teams

If you enjoy betting on basketball, you should be aware of the top NBA teams. Below, you can check the top five NBA teams you can bet on using our sportsbook, their key stats, and examples of awards they received.

Team Stats Awards & Ranking
Boston Celtics Net rating: 57
Games played: 10,4
Offensive rating: 122,2
Defensive rating: 111,7
Points per game: 120,7
  • Eastern Conference Leaders
  • Smart Coach of the Year Candidate: Joe Mazzulla
Milwaukee Bucks Net rating: 57
Games played: 3,2
Offensive rating: 119,7
Defensive rating: 116,5
Points per game: 121,8
  • Second Place in East
  • All-Star Selection: Jrue Holiday, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Khris Middleton
Los Angeles Lakers Net rating: -0,3
Games played: 58
Offensive rating: 115,0
Defensive rating: 115,4
Points per game: 117,0
  • Western Conference Third Place
  • All-Star Selections: Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Denver Nuggets Net rating: 3,7
Games played: 57
Offensive rating: 118,1
Defensive rating: 114,4
Points per game: 114,5
  • Fourth Place in West
  • All-Star Selection: Nikola Jokić
Miami Heat Net rating: 0,4
Games played: 56
Offensive rating: 113,8
Defensive rating: 113,4
Points per game: 110,5
  • Fifth Place in East
  • All-Star Selection: Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo

College Basketball Betting

The line also features many College Basketball matches. As the name suggests, in this section, you can find games between dozens of colleges and universities. Feel free to bet on individual matches, NCAA tournaments, and conference championships using high College Basketball betting odds.

As for conferences, we offer to wager on games within the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), Big Ten, Big East, Pac-12, Big 12, and SEC (Southeastern Conference). Each conference comes with a number of universities or colleges which compete with each other. Here, you can experience two main formats: regular-season games and conference tournaments.

European Basketball Betting

If you are looking to bet on the top games within the European Leagues, then our platform is the perfect place for you! We offer the highest odds on the EuroLeague, EuroCup, Basketball Champions League, Liga ACB, Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), Adriatic League (ABA League), and more.

Live Basketball Betting – Win on NBA Bets Today

Almost all matches for NBA betting are presented in real time. This league is very dynamic, so this format is perfect for those who prefer prop bets. Live betting comes with higher odds, which may lead to higher potential winnings. At the same time, it is a riskier approach that requires a deep understanding of rules, team performance, and more.

When you bet on NBA at live, odds may drastically change during the game, so you should quickly react to all in-game events. To simplify your betting experience, we offer a section with detailed statistics and the ability to watch games on the platform using a live stream option. It's available even without registration.

Why GG.Bet is Your #1 Basketball Betting Site

GG.Bet features a Curacao license and follows KYC/AML policy. We carefully protect the sensitive information you provide during registering on the site, depositing, and withdrawing, thanks to SSL encryption. Also, we store user’s personal details on dedicated servers and never collect banking info.

Our customers can activate bonuses for sports bets, including basketball, in the form of deposit bonuses, cashback and other promotions.

Since we cater to the needs of a wide audience, we offer games not only within top championships but also in more local basketball tournaments. After registering on the site, you are guaranteed to get the highest odds, multiple NBA betting markets, sufficient number of outcomes for other leagues, and a chance to watch games from one place via a live broadcast option.

Some Tips to Assist You in Your Match Predictions

Check the following basketball betting tips to make the most out of every wager you place:

  • Always stay informed about particular player/team news;
  • Try to avoid Parlay bets unless you are very confident in your decision;
  • If you are experienced in online wagering, then do not avoid going against the majority of other bettors since it may be a winning approach in the NBA market;
  • Combine NBA bets for bigger payouts;
  • Always consider the referee's impact.

Also, check the performance of both particular players and teams in general. All the necessary information you may need is in our “Statistics” section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Basketball Odds Differ Between Bookmakers?

NBA odds may differ because bookmakers have different approaches to market analyses. What’s more, odd values are dynamic, and bookies may adjust them differently.

What Is Spread Betting at the Basketball Line?

This is one of the advanced betting markets where a team must win by a specific margin. As for the underdog team, it may either win outright or lose by less than the predetermined value to cover the stake.

Can I Bet on the Individual Statistics of a Player in a Match?

Our platform allows to bet on basketball using multiple Props. In this case, you can also wager on individual player’s statistics. Feel free to choose among Points Per Game, Free Throw Percentage, Turnovers Per Game, and other wagers.

Are Broadcasts for NBA Matches Available at GG.Bet?

Yes, we offer a live broadcast option for all users. You can watch a match with your favourite team from any device absolutely for free.