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Mixed Martial Arts, abbreviated as MMA, is a combat sport which in its modern form emerged in the late 20th century and is currently most popular in the United States, Brazil, Japan and United Kingdom. The main feature of this type of sport is that it combines various combat styles, such as boxing, ju-jitsu, karate and others. Contrary to the common perception, MMA has strict regulations – a set of rules was released in California in 2000, which later was adopted by most MMA organizations.

Professional MMA Sport Scene

In 20th century MMA scene separately occurred in both the United States and Japan. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was created in the United States in 1993, while Japan created its own organization called Pride Fighting Championships in 1997. Later as the sport became more and more popular in the United States, UFC decided to buy out Pride DC and merge the athletes under one promotion. Nowadays UFC is undoubtedly the biggest and the most influential company in the sport across the globe. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and organizes top-ranked events in twelve weight divisions all across the world. All UFC competitions are regulated by unified rules.

Besides UFC, there are also other major local organizations, such as Bellator MMA in the United States, Absolute Championship Berkut and Fight Nights Global, Rizin Fighting Federation and Pancrase in Japan. On the international level MMA is governed by International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, found in 2012 and supported by UFC.

How to Bet on MMA

Our line features a wide variety of fights with the most favourable odds for betting on the UFC. In addition, you can bet in real time. As the best MMA betting site we offer the simplest possible process in a few steps:

  • Use filters to select among live or upcoming events for UFC betting. Also, you can click on the “Recommended” button to check events by popularity and start time.
  • Explore the list of events the system offers after you apply filters.
  • Click on the particular fight and decide on which fighter you would like to bet. Do not forget to explore current odds and available statistics.
  • Input the sum you would like to wager, double-check all the info, and click on the “Place Bet” button.

Remember that you can also click on the gear icon to set up the way the platform will handle changes in the UFC betting odds for your stake. There are 3 options you can choose from: accept any odds changes, accept better odds only, and do not accept odds changes. If you want to predict the outcomes of several events, then you may add more matches to the bet slip and create a System or Combo bet.

MMA Betting Markets

We offer a wide range of betting markets to cover the needs of both newcomers and seasoned MMA enthusiasts. Check out the list of the main stake types with examples below.

  • Fight Winner

It is one of the simplest wager types and the most popular among newcomers. Here, you need to predict who will be the winner of a particular event. For example, you explore the odds for Amanda Ribas (2,43) and Rose Namajunas (1,5). Based on current coefficients, you suppose that Rose Namajunas will win the fight and wager on her.

  • Round Total

As the name suggests, in this UFC betting option you predict the number of rounds the fight will end. Often, this bet is related to the Over/Under type. In this case, you need to guess whether the number of rounds will be over or under the predetermined value. For example, you may predict that the number of rounds for the match between Tai Tulvasa and Marcin Tybura will last for less than 5 rounds.

  • Prop Bets

This is an advanced MMA betting where you predict the specific outcome of a event. For example, you are interested in the match between Bo Nikal and Cody Brundage and suppose that Bo Nikal will land the first takedown. Or you may predict that Cody Brundage will win at the end of the second round. The methods of winning within Prop bets are often related to strikes, fighters’ exhaustion, submissions, or even referee stoppages because of an injury.

  • Futures

These are bets on future events that are happening outside the single fight. As a rule, when you bet on UFC fights with Futures, you experience the probability that a specific fighter will achieve some rewards or milestones. For example, you can predict whether Calvin Kattar will get a champion's belt in the Lightweight Featherweight division.

MMA Betting Odds

MMA odds reflect the probability of particular fighters winning the match. While betting online, you may choose among odd formats, including Decimal, Indo, Hong Kong, Malay, and US. Our bookmaker carefully analyzed a bunch of info to come up with the correct odds. What’s more, we regularly refresh them to give you maximum opportunities for placing the best UFC bet.

For example, Tito Ortiz is a veteran of the sport with many awards and strong performances in the past. However, if he fights with active and highly productive Francis Ngannou (who currently has a UFC Heavyweight Champion title), then the probability of the latter's victory will be greater. Analyzing the information, the favorite and the outsider are outlined. Thus, you may expect coefficients as in the example below:

  • Francis Ngannou -350 (bet $350 to win $100);
  • Tito Ortiz +200 (bet $100 to win $200).

We recommend checking our section with statistics to get a clear picture of the particular event, fighters’ performances, and more.

The Best UFC Odds for Your Ultimate Bets

GG.Bet offers the best selection of events within top championships and tournaments. What’s more, you can benefit from the highest UFC betting odds compared to other bookmakers in the market. While wagering on Ultimate Fighting Championship, you can use a wide selection of standard as well as Prop bets and detailed statistics.

Watch MMA Live Streams and Bet Today

If you are a seasoned MMA bettor, you can try live UFC betting. Our platform offers especially high odds for this type of match, where you can win a solid sum for your knowledge of fighters and tournament rules. To get started, click on the “Live” button near the event and explore UFC betting that are taking place at the moment. Next, compare odds, choose the bet type, and input the sum you would like to wager. What’s more, you can watch the fight directly on the site using a live stream option.

What You Should Keep in Mind in Your Fight Predictions?

Comparing the fight styles of players is among the key MMA betting tips to consider. For example, kickboxers prefer to stand and hit the opponent, while jiu-jitsu sportsmen often try to fight on the mat. Also, you should explore previous performances of both fighters and the conditions under which they won or lost.

At the same time, you should never rely 100% on this info and simply take it as one of the multiple conditions. MMA is a sport that is often associated with serious bodily harm. So, it is worth considering injuries when analyzing a favorite and an underdog. Past injuries can affect both the fighting style (for example, a fighter becomes more careful) and the performance as a whole.

When placing UFC bets, consider that fighters may radically change their body weight before a fight. They do it to match their weight category. Intense overtraining, dehydration, and starvation can greatly affect the overall performance and cause the match to end prematurely.

Why Betting on MMA Fights with GG.Bet?

With GG.Bet you can enjoy MMA betting on 50 fights daily in a variety of leagues:

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship;
  • ONE Championship;
  • Professional Fighters League;
  • Invicta FC, and more.

While betting, you can explore up-to-date statistics and quickly refresh odds. Also, you may bet on MMA online with a live-stream option. Multiple markets available for each event unlock opportunities for all Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts.