ЕВРО 2024. Итоги групп С и D: Англия и Австрия финишировали первыми

EURO 2024. Results of Groups C and D: England and Austria Finished First

On the evening of June 25, the last matches in Groups C and D at EURO 2024 were played, resulting in the final standings of the teams in the groups.

Group C included the national teams of England, Slovenia, Serbia, and Denmark. In Group D - Austria, Netherlands, Poland, and France.

Results of matches on June 25

  • Denmark 0:0 Serbia
  • England 0:0 Slovenia
  • Netherlands 2:3 Austria
  • France 1:1 Poland

Final standings of Group C

  1. England 1-2-0
  2. Denmark 0-3-0
  3. Slovenia 0-3-0
  4. Serbia 0-2-1

Final standings of Group D

  1. Austria 2-0-1
  2. France 1-2-0
  3. Netherlands 1-1-1
  4. Poland 0-1-2

Thus, England, Denmark, Austria, and France are guaranteed to advance to the playoffs, while Slovenia and the Netherlands need to be among the 4 teams with the best ranking among the teams that finished in third place.

The group stage matches of EURO 2024 will continue until June 26. The final of the tournament is scheduled for July 14.