New vehicles in world of tanks

New vehicles in world of tanks

New tanks are delivered to the hangars of the world of tanks players

The developers of WoT continue to add new types of vehicles to the game. Right now, the developers are working on the new Swedish tank line, which has a big potential: the developers can use the real prototypes and “paper” concepts of armored vehicles, which should allow them to add a line of heavy tanks, several lines of medium and light tanks, one artillery line and two lines of tank destroyers.

This sounds very promising, but you should remember that this is a long-term plan. So, the developers decided to work on new vehicles one by one, and at first, they’ll add only two lines of machines: the first one will include Swedish medium and light tanks, and the other will consist of tank destroyers.

The first tank from the new line in world of tanks

The World of Tanks fans can already test the new vehicle – a Swedish tier 6 premium medium tank Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2.

The Swedish tank has a high attack speed – it has a drum with 4 shells with 16s reload time. Thanks to its high rate of fire the 75mm gun can cause a big damage. Thanks to its combat characteristics, this premium tank is a versatile machine capable of showing great results if properly supported by allies. In addition to good damage, it has great mobility and penetration stats.

Characteristics of the new line of tank destroyers in WoT

The new line of tank destroyers is going to be even more interesting thanks to the introduction of new and unique game mechanics.

Tier IX-X vehicles have the gun which is fixed to the tank hull, the vehicles of IIX tier have limited angles of vertical elevation. The vehicles of the highest 3 tiers will aim at a target by using hydraulic lifting and lowering of the entire body and by on-the-spot turning.

In addition to this, tank destroyers are going to have two modes – siege mode and travel mode. You can shoot in both modes, but it’s almost impossible to efficiently shoot while traveling. In order to shoot with precision, you need to wait for a few second to lift the vehicle’s body. These vehicles are suitable for taking a vantage position and lay down fire, but they will have a hard time trying to be efficient in dynamic battle situations.

The developers of WoT introduced the new vehicles with new game mechanics. It’s still too early to make conclusions about the innovations, so there is nothing to do but to wait for the test build and the update to finally be able to test the new vehicles.