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How to create unique eSports games? Psyonix believes it requires merging two very different concepts. At least it helped them create one of the coolest football games of all time: Rocket League.

The game came out on July 7, 2015, and quickly overtook the gaming industry. It doesn’t require players to control real athletes. Instead, competitors pilot partially-flying cars and use them for scoring goals.

The game even has its own car META. It mainly depends on the vehicle hitbox, making handling the ball easier. For instance, Octane, one of the first cars you get, is an S-tier due to its wider hitbox.

Rocket League matches take place in symmetrical concise football arenas. They have just two gates and nitro boosters scattered around. A team of 3 cars takes each side. They both have to defend their gates alongside scoring goals.

Such equality has predetermined the game’s eSports nature and persuaded thousands to become professional players. They have to train hard: the game’s skill ceiling is immense. But as the game has a ton of events, they can easily channel their progress into competitions.

GG.Bet as the leader of eSports betting cover most of them. Our site features Rocket League betting with tens of matches. Each has numerous betting markets and great odds. And at this page, we’ll explain how to use all these profiting tools.

Types of Rocket League Bets

Popular eSports get the most attention. Being one of them, RL has a load of types of online bets. Such include both general and game-specific ones. Take a look at popular Rocket League betting markets:

Match Winner Predict who is grabbing a win in a single match.
Map Winner Most matches are divided into maps (BO3, BO5, etc.). Map winner allows you to predict who wins one of them.
Totals Predict a presented score (goals per match/map/team) in an over/under fashion. We give you a number, and you bet whether the score will be more or less.
Handicap Some matches are very unequal. In such cases, their odds are pointless. To fix that, we equate the odds by reducing bet-winning requirements for the weaker team. For instance, to win a bet (wagering on an outsider), the team doesn’t have to win in a match. Instead, they need to score at least 2 goals. The bigger the skill gap, the easier a condition will be.
Outright Use outright bets to wager on who wins an entire tournament. This one is for Rocket League betting experts.
Which Team Scores First Try to guess which team can score the first goal of the match.
Which Team/Player Scores More Predict who’ll come out from the match as the strongest scorer. This can apply to a team or a single player.
MVP Bet on the best match performer. This differs from the top scorers, as MVP is also good at defense and assists.

Watch the Stream and Bet Live

You can find this and other unique Rocket League betting markets in our live section. It allows you to bet on the matches which have already started – an excellent tool for careful bettors.

The process is simple: choose a match that has already started (it will be marked as Live), check the available bet types, follow the match in real time and place your bet at the right moment. Our bookmaker provides streams for every Rocket League eSports tournament, even for those who haven't registered yet. In addition, the course of the game is accompanied by live statistics.

But keep in mind that live betting odds change all the time. So hurry up to wager until the odds are repulsive.

Bet on Rocket League with the Best Odds

One of the GG.Bet main advantage is Rocket League odds. As a niche, top-tier bookmaker, we put the most effort into them. We consider each pregame factor to give you the highest and the most precise odd values.

We know that we attract bettors from all around the world. Each is used to different odd types. We have all: Decimal, Hong Kong, US, Indo, Malay. Decimals are the most popular.

That’s mainly due to their easy calculation. For instance, you want to bet on Rocket League with match-winner market. Team A has 1.50 odds, while Team B has 2.25. To know how much you get by wagering on any of them, simply multiply your stake by the odds. So if you wager $100 on Team B, you’ll win $225.

If you don’t know, you can also use odds of Rocket League betting as the representation of the probable outcome. In the case of Decimal odds, the lower the number, the more probable this outcome is.

Which Rocket League Tournaments are the Best for Gambling?

Major events attract not only fans to the stadiums, but also a large number of bettors. Therefore, the main task for all Rocket League betting sites is to provide the most favorable conditions possible. They get the highest odds, more markets, and even better odds. RL has quite a few such events.

Moreover, besides better conditions, main championships are just more exciting to watch. Remember that the world’s best players attend them. Watching their performance is something else.

Rocket League Championship Series

Rocket League Championship Series betting is what every punter awaits. This is undoubtedly the biggest RL competition with players from around the globe. They fight for a share of the crazy multi-million prize pool. Conducted since 2016, RLCS has credited more than $20 500 000!

College Carball Association (CCA) Event

With the introduction of CCA, American Football and Basketball are not the only sports students can compete in on the collegiate level. College Carball Association in an annual event running across the USA and Canada. Founded in 2017, students have won more than $1 200 000 competing in it!

Women's League Championships

Interestingly, women adore Rocket League. Psyonix couldn’t ignore that and has organized a special event for the girls: Women Car Ball. Even though this is not the most popular competition, it has been regularly conducted since 2020 and appears to be a cool analog of RLCS betting. During the whole time, the event has a total prize money of $73 300.

Top Rocket League Teams: Who to Favor?

A good strategy for Rocket League betting is to stick with the strongest teams. Wagering on them is secure and consistent. But not very rewarding.

Still, if you want to try this approach, here are the worthiest RL professional teams for 2024:

Team Accomplishments Total Winnings
Team Vitality 7 first places $1,913,052
Team BDS 7 first places $1,860,027
Team Liquid 2 first places $456,421
Karmine Corp 5 first places $713,650
FaZe Clan 5 first places $913,830

Rocket League Betting Tips to Improve Your Success

Entering Rocket League betting bare-handed is reckless. Knowledge is required to win. But instead of wasting your money to get it, we have something for you. Here are the tips to improve your predictions for betting on Rocket League right away:

  • Analyze the teams and their performance

Before you bet, you must conduct a team analysis. Consider their playstyles, weak and strong points. Then, compare these. It will build a better image of an upcoming match, making predictions easier.

  • Bet on outcomes that you are sure of

Don’t try to jump higher than you can. Always bet on RL matches to the best of your abilities. If you are unsure about the outcome, it’s better not to risk or bet less.

  • Prefer Live betting

Even though live bets are traditionally less profitable, they are easier to pull off. Take time watching the game, then wager according to the field situation. This will let you develop skills for Rocket League eSports betting without monetary damage.

  • Play Rocket League to know all its aspects

Nothing is more effective in helping you understand the game than playing it. If you can incorporate it, you’ll bet more accurately and will receive more joy from watching pro matches.

Trust GG.Bet and Win with our Rocket League Betting Site!

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What Are The Rules for Professional Rocket League Matches?

Pro Rocket League matches are in 3v3 format and usually have several maps. So the team would have to win several times in Bo3, Bo5, etc.

What Is The Easiest Market for Rocket League Bet?

Rocket League betting is easiest when you stick to match-winner markets. They require the least analysis. You can often win them by just looking at the odds.

Why Do Rocket League Betting Odds Constantly Change in Live?

It’s because the outcome probability always shifts according to in-game events. For instance, a scored goal closes a team to winning, changing the corresponding odds.

How To Bet on Rocket League at GG.Bet?

To bet on Rocket League matches with our bookmaker, first, register and deposit cash. Then, open the eSports section; look left at and pick Rocket League; find a match in the middle, and press on the desired odds.

Are There Rocket League Streams at GGBet?

Yes, GGBet provides live streams of all Rocket League matches. If it is available, the match will have a red icon next to the name. And the broadcast itself will be on the match page, as well as the live stats.